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The Baie de Somme, one of the most beautiful bays in the world

The Baie de Somme is among the incredible sites you'll be lucky enough to visit during your next camping holiday in Picardy (35km). The bay was named a "Grand site de France" in 2011 and is a unique and magical place which is best experienced on foot. With stunning scenery, unique settings, changing light, untouched nature and abundant flora and fauna, there'll be no doubt in your mind that you are in one of the world's most beautiful bays.

Cross the bay with a nature guide

Join an experienced and passionate nature guide to get to grips with all the Baie de Somme's beauty and wealth covering 70km² between Pointe du Hourdel and Le Crotoy. An incredible mosaic of majestic landscapes unfurl as you walk on the coastal paths, hills or dunes in the heart of marshes and mudflats. Your guide will tell you everything there is to know about the Baie de Somme's seals and the habits of the birds who live here. Learn how the landscapes have evolved and find out about tides as the kids have fun unearthing crabs, shrimp and worms in the foreshore.
Before exploring the bay be sure to visit La Maison de la Baie de Somme museum in Lanchères. You'll find out all about the different natural settings that make up the bay with photos, slide shows, models and film projections.

Camping dans la Somme

Explore Parc du Marquenterre and the world of birds

As a major migratory crossroads for thousands of birds flying from Europe and Africa, Parc du Marquenterre is a 200ha protected site in the heart of the Baie de Somme National Nature Reserve. You can observe over 300 species of birds in this one-of-a-kind ornithological park in the Hauts-de-France from the many belvederes and observation posts dotted along the trails.

Seal watching at Pointe du Hourdel

Pointe du Hourdel lies 40km from the campsite south of the Baie de Somme and is a prime location for spotting the biggest colony of harbour seals in France, some of which are up to 1.8m long and weigh up to 100kg! At low tide they come out of the water to lie on the sand banks. It’s recommended to keep your distance so as not to disturb them. You can see them for 2 hours before or after low tide from 300m away.

Things to see and do around the Baie de Somme

- Stroll along the flowery lanes in the medieval town of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme.
- Hit the boardwalk in Cayeux-sur-Mer lined with colourful beach huts.
- Try sand yachting on the huge beaches between Quend-Plage and Fort-Mahon.
- Explore Le Crotoy’s small fishing port and marina.
- Hop on board the Baie de Somme steam train and experience the stunning scenery up to Cayeux-sur-Mer.

Camping dans la Somme